The legend says that the time spent with a guest is not counted. Georgians are very hospitable + long-livers. So this is not a legend?

Georgia has completely removed the restriction on flights and this is good news for fans of this country. However, one should not forget that Georgias land borders are still closed.

From Russia to Georgia

As you may remember, after the conflict with Georgia, Russia suspended direct flights. Therefore, there are still no direct flights from Russia to Georgia. At the moment, you can only get to Georgia by the bypass, or rather, by the flyby.

Alternatively, you can make a transfer in Istanbul or Minsk, then straight to Georgia. Those who are used to flying from Russia should not expect low prices. Prices are now about twice as high. That is, a connecting flight Moscow — Tbilisi will cost travelers about 20 thousand.

Do all Russians have the right to come to Georgia?

Renders no. Only those travelers who have been vaccinated against the crown will be able to successfully cross the Georgian border. That is, in order to get to Georgia, you need to complete a full vaccination course and have the relevant documents on hand.

Passengers who arrive from other countries, for example from countries of the euro union, must have a negative test result. The test must be done more than 72 hours before departure to Georgia. Travelers from other countries do not need vaccination documents, but if they stay in Georgia, they will have to take the test on the third day of their stay.

That is, you need to complete a full vaccination course, and then take a ticket through a third country and Gamarjoba, Georgia!

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