Balangan beach in Bali, Indonesia, Balanlock beach-renderb 8 «> Hello everyone! Im Andrew Birdz and I want to quit my job. But not early, but completely. One day I decided to leave the office and master a remote profession. It took a couple of years to master the profession, and now I work remotely. I do not want to dwell on this. Working for your uncle you lose the lion’s share of the energy that can be spent more productively.

Bloggers got divorced

There are really a lot of bloggers now. And most of them broadcast how they went to the toilet or other nonsense. I want to be useful. Sometimes I find interesting ideas in books or training courses and I want to share them. To convey to a wide audience.

How to make money on a blog?

To make money on a video, just shoot one video and post it on 3 sites: YouTube, Yandex.Zen and Yandex.Ether. Ads will be shown in the videos, for which a pretty penny is dripping at the bloggers expense.

I cant speak to the camera

The word blogger has always sounded like a curse to me. I never wanted to become a blogger. But when I went to Bali, it seemed silly to me, having an online travel agency, not to shoot a video about this island.

I decided to do a workout. I said all sorts of nonsense to the camera, and then I watched what happened. He stuttered a little, but conveyed the idea. In Bali, I improvised and wrote lyrics on the go. So he stumbled. The other day, I first prepared the text, and then recorded a video according to the text.

The most interesting thing is that when editing a video, you can remove the moments at which you stumble. The result is a dynamic and fluid video. I was convinced of this when I watched the finished video.

Most importantly

This means that anyone can record an interesting and useful video! You just need to prepare, shoot and edit the video. Im not posting a video yet, because Im a little worried. So I could use some support. Like and subscribe, then I will understand that someone needs it.

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