Pattunaya Park TowerPattaya Park TowerPattaya Tower wrote about 15 ways to save money on buying tours. Today I want to tell you about a specific case of how I managed to buy a really cheap tour. It is worth noting that I have not seen more such prices. Apparently, I used the last chance to have such a cheap vacation in Thailand.

My trip to Thailand took place before the pandemic. But when all this is over, you can also use this scheme for low-cost travel.

Departure from Moscow

I live in Sochi, and tickets from here are very expensive. Therefore, in most countries it is better to first fly to Moscow, and then to the country of destination. I fly to Turkey from Krasnodar. When buying a tour with a departure from Moscow, you need to insure yourself and buy tickets with a margin of time, otherwise, due to a flight delay, you may not save money, but overpay.

Hot tour

I constantly monitored hot tours and realized that tour operators had a lot of offers that significantly exceeded demand. Therefore, as soon as the date of our departure became known, I bought a hot tour and went to pack my backpack. By the way, you can find inexpensive last minute tours on our website.


We flew to Thailand on June 6, at this time in Thailand not a season. When I looked at the weather, I saw that torrential rains promised for every day of our trip. However, in fact, we did not find them. It rained only at night.

Tour for two

Traveling together is much more profitable than traveling alone. I spent some time looking for someone to fly with and eventually found it. And in Thailand, I met my love, and now we travel through life together. If you want to follow our trip, subscribe!

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