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Its sad enough that qualified specialists are leaving Russia, but Im not going to be sad about this for a long time.

I like to travel and watch how people live in different parts of the earth. I lived half a year in America, 9 months in Israel and 4 months in India. Now Im ready to share with you my feelings about where I felt more comfortable.


There are a lot of interesting things in this country. Everything there is exactly as it is shown in the films, and therefore when you find yourself in America, you seem to be inside the film. The states are rich in travel destinations. I did not have time to see even a small part of what America offers. The most memorable ones are the roller coaster and Niagara Falls:

However, in America, I felt melancholy. The American mentality was alien to me and I decided to return to Russia. In America, I felt locked up and I was not pleased with the fact that everything there is built on money. All America is on money, if you are a materialist, then welcome!


After America, getting to India was paradise. This is the complete opposite. India itself is a country of contrasts, and then after America … It was felt that the regulators of exoticism were twisted to the maximum.

America is about money, and India is about the soul. Its very soulful and calm there. Perhaps India outweighs the states also because in India I did not work at all, but only traveled. In America you can work, but in India you can relax:

I would like to find a place on earth where you could receive a salary as in America, and rest like in India.


I spent the most time in Israel. In principle, salaries in Israel are comparable to those in the states. In America, a person from Russia may lack something dear, and he can find this dear in Israel. This is because in Israel a quarter of the population speaks Russian.

There are also many beautiful places in Israel, for example, the Bahai Garden:

But unlike America, I managed to see most of Israels sights.

Ideal place

Wherever would you like to live if you could choose anywhere in the world? If you have been to many beautiful places, you want to collect all the best piece by piece, and so that it was all in one place. I wanted this place to be in Russia, to have both the sea and the mountains … And while I live in Sochi. And what will happen next, you will find out if you subscribe)

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