The material contains information about products, the use of which may harm your health. article-render__block_unstyled «data-points =» 8 «> Sochi is a unique city. Why? Ill tell you now. Sochi stretches along the Black Sea coast for almost 150 kilometers, making it the longest city in Europe. On the one hand, Sochi is under pressure mountains, and on the other the sea. Because of this « pressure& # 39; the city is rather narrow. But to me personally, this is « pressure & # 39 ;like it.

200 years ago, Sochi was sent as a link because it was a terrible climate, swamp and malaria mosquitoes. How the climate has changed so much does not fit in my head. Im afraid to imagine what will happen in the next 200 years.


And one more, if not uniqueness, then an interesting feature of Sochi is its proximity to the border of another state. Some may not recognize Abkhazia as a country, but I am pleased to think that I can travel abroad every weekend.

Duty free

Some specially come to the border with Abkhazia and pass it in order to buy a bottle of sparkling wine, or blended. In my opinion, this is rather strange. You need to come to the PSOU, stand in line at passport control, go to a hot place called Duty Free, stand in line in the other direction and go home.

Saving should be economical

I visited shops on the border with Abkhazia. And the most interesting thing is that the prices are not that low there. When I was there the last time it seemed to me that it was very expensive there. The store in my backyard sometimes does promotions and you can buy a « bottle& # 39; there much cheaper.

Whats in this duty free they smeared with alcohol there? In general, I think this is a stupid idea, but what do you think? Maybe you go there to buy a bottle of Château, vintage 39? And here is the story of how we went to Abkhazia in a rented car:

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