Unfortunately kickboxing is not an Olympic sport and nobody sponsored me. I had to go at my own expense, or rather at the expense of my parents, because at 14 I had not worked yet)

The road to Greece

Now I am very it’s strange to realize why we got to Greece in this way, but in those years there may have been reasons. It was possible to take a plane ticket and fly to Greece in a few hours, but we chose a different path.

From Ufa we went by train first to Moscow. In Moscow, we took a train to Chisinau, which followed through Kiev. From Moldova, we took a bus and went through Romania and Bulgaria to Greece. Our bus broke down in Bulgaria. We waited about a day for the Bulgarians to bring us the necessary part to fix the breakdown. After we were able to move on, there was a “wrong turn.” Therefore, the journey took about a week.

World Championship

Despite the fact that I had to travel so long and I was really exhausted, I was able to perform well and won first place … I was awarded a medal and a diploma.

There was a rumor that in Kazakhstan an apartment was given for the first place. And I was left with a medal and diploma. Well, the newspaper wrote about me once. Such is the support of athletes) Support at least the athlete like)

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