Solyanka in Georgian points = «8»> When I come to Abkhaz Georgian. It can also be called hodgepodge in Abkhazian or Caucasian hodgepodge. And this is a truly delicious dish. Of course, there are no friends for taste and color, and if you are a vegetarian and do not eat meat, then you will not like it. In other cases, I think you lick your fingers!

For those who do not know, this is a kind of meat soup. Almost everything consists of meat. It is as if goulash has been prepared for you, but the pungency and taste of cilantro add its own zest to the meat. Mostly Abkhazian dishes are spicy, but the spiciness only teases the appetite.

By the way, this is how we traveled around Abkhazia in a rented car: </p > What should vegetarians do?

For vegetarians, I would recommend hominy. This is corn porridge. Perhaps if you are a vegetarian, you can find other dishes in Abkhazia, but I do not know anything about them. If you know about them, write comments.

What not to order in Abkhazia?

How I like to say when passing by a cafe in Gagra with a sign «Sushi»:

«This is where the famous Abkhaz sushi is prepared! » You should not order those dishes in Abkhazia in which Abkhazians are not strong.

Atmosphere in Abkhazia after entry restrictions:

Once we arrived in Pitsunda and wanted to go to our favorite restaurant Amshyn. But before that, they wanted to have a snack and then sunbathe. And we ordered mushroom cream soup. I think you already understood that this was not worth doing. It turned out to be not mushroom soup, but semolina porridge, perhaps with a little mushroom seasoning added. Share your favorite dishes?

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