Sochi AirportSochi Airport «7»> Usually when the two of you come to the a flight, you are checked in to the seats that are located nearby. No matter how much I flew on airplanes to different cities and countries, this has always been the case. I thought it was natural until I flew Nordwind.

The road to the airport

It all started when we took a taxi to the airport in Adler. A crimson traffic jam has formed between Sochi and Adler. The driver drove calmly and hummed a song. He listened to the song so much that he made a bend near the airport. We started shouting at him, but he said that it would be even faster this way.

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On the way, we tried to check in for the flight online, but the companys website constantly gave an error. When we arrived at the airport, we saw a kilometer-long queue at the entrance. Without hesitation, we climbed out of line. When we reached the check-in counter, a surprise awaited us.

My girlfriend asked if we could sit together and in response we heard that it was impossible. We were put in different parts of the plane. The girl who checked us in said that the program itself chooses the places where we sit. And that time we were seated on different sides, although there were a lot of seats in the cabin.

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We decided to find out why this happened and the girl said that this airline is normal practice. Have you already flown with Nordwind? Tell us about your impressions. And we take off:

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