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I love traveling and am glad to have any opportunity to visit a new place … And if when visiting the country there is also an opportunity to earn money, then I am doubly glad. A friend went to work in Israel and told me about it. So my girlfriend and I went to Israel and spent about 9 months there.

In the Holy Land …

During 9 months spent in the Holy Land, we managed to save an Israeli soldier from prison, find out how the guys were expelled from Israel for not observing Kashrut, and we will also be surprised at the honesty of the Jews. There were many interesting moments that I talk about on my channel.

Heres an example video of how I smashed my guitar on the rocks in Herzliya: </b >

Today I want to tell you how I went to Israel for wealth and realized that I was already rich.

We got a job at a nightclub in Israel. There were evenings when LGBT parties were held there, and the air often smelled of something forbidden. Well, what can you do? Israel is a free country.

Our director was born in Israel, but had Russian roots. His wife was from Ukraine. It’s amazing, but he didn’t speak Russian at all. I only knew « hello& # 39; and thank you. We communicated with him in English. He spoke with his wife in « English Hebrew& # 39; that is, in some kind of mixed language.

While in Israel, I constantly heard three languages: Russian, English and Hebrew. And one evening I wondered how the phrase said to me would sound in three languages. Hebrew is a fairly simple language. Our friend spoke it in 3 months. English is pretty categorical. There most often everything goes one after another, and Russian …

A simple phrase in Russian can be said as you like. That is, there are a million variations of any phrase in Russian! I realized this and goose bumps ran through my body. I realized how much wealth I have.

After arriving home, I wrote the book How We Sinned in the Holy Land.

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